Pigeons flying in blue sky

Excerpt Chapter 1

Anthony feels his way around the chessboard and a picture reforms in his mind. He makes an aggressive move. Checkmate.  He reclines in his armchair and cherished moments float in his memory as he smells the fragrance of fresh cut grass at the tennis club.  It is early afternoon in June 2019.  Silent pigeons coo

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calm Weather

Ray Bradbury is dead

I was eighteen and working in a factory near Bournemouth. It was a summer job and I worked at a bench preparing components for electrolysis which required precision handling. It was no place for day dreaming as a flawed component would ensure instant dismissal. A book of short stories by Ray Bradbury provided the escape

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Pigeons looking

Silent Pigeons Coo

When I agreed to write the memoir of a man who is deaf and blind but remains unbowed in his seventies I had little idea the book title, Silent Pigeons Coo, would work on a number of levels.  One example is that it echoes the plight of  writers who struggle to secure representation. Silently Cooing

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