A heartwarming story of a man’s struggle with adversity

Born deaf and discovering encroaching blindness at the age of 16 Anthony’s future appeared to be full of locked doors. Prejudice. Delayed education. Distorted speech. Limited sight

But when benign strangers intercede and inner gifts reveal themselves the opportunity to pursue a childhood dream of speaking and participating in mainstream society becomes a realisable vision. He must do this before the consequences of dual sensory loss again close the doors. Silent Pigeons Coo is a memoir, family saga, travel adventure across two oceans and a journey to discover the source of faulty genes that bequeath Usher Syndrome type 2.

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John Moore

About the author

John Moore’s working life began in metallurgy and material science departments. He went on to read History at the University of Reading before starting out afresh as a copywriter.

His writing career began  working with London ad agencies such as Charles Barker (Roles & Parker, Ayer Barker), F. John French and various wings of Ogilvy & Mather and organisations such as Enron. He was creative director of AKA a small chain of regional ad agencies.

‘. . . beautiful book . . . wonderful insights . . .’

Tom Woodman. Senior Lecturer (Rtd.) Department of English. University of Reading

‘A unique and balanced story of a deaf-blind man passionate to succeed in the mainstream.’

Paul Simpson, co-National Executive Officer BATOD. (British Association of Teachers of the Deaf)
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