transforming a treasure

Transforming a Treasure

Out of print

Transforming a Treasure: written for Exchequer Partnership and describes the £197m transformation of Government Offices Great George Street (I Horse Guards Parade).


Celebration of Innovation. A History of Autotype 1865-1995

Out of print

Author: John Moore

Contributors: David Godding, Peter Levinsohn, Dr Sem Seaborne

Records more than a century of achievement prior to the company being acquired by a US organisation. It is dedicated to Kirsty Mitchell a former Autotype chemist who provided the historical research

Wokingham Paper

The Wokingham Paper

During the pre-lockdown years of 2015 to 2018 Moore wrote a weekly column, sometimes satirical, sometimes reflective, ‘A wry look at life’ for the Wokingham Paper under the pseudonym Tom Smith.